The most important aspect of you learning to drive is not the hobbies and interests of the driving instructor, you can create a rapport when you make the enquiry or on your first few lessons. The most important thing for you right now is can the school deliver you a top rated service?

It is hard for learners to determine the difference in quality from one school to another, a few factors you may want to consider are.

1. Presentation of the car. Is it an older car, or a car with no sign writing? That could allude to a part time driving instructor?

2. Ask for the driving instructors grade.

3. Ask them when their last Standards Check was.

4. And also ask if they offer post test lessons, a serious school who considers safety as the main factor when learning to driver will offer motorway or pass plus driving lessons.

5. Finally you may want to ask about what CPD they are currently taking.

When choosing a driving school, be open minded, don’t be guide by pricing and also quality questions to help you get a quality answer.