Automatic driving lessons in Exeter

Automatic driving lessons in Exeter.

Before you delve straight into buying automatic driving lessons in Exeter, here are top reasons why people think they are the best solution to learning to drive and passing your test.

1. You have previously started to learn to drive and you found working the clutch pedal ad the gearbox too complicated and too stressful.

2. You experienced point 1 and the instructor said you will be better in an automatic.

3. You just want to pass quickly and can’t be bothered with the hassle of a manual car.

4. You are an international student/worker and back home nearly all cars are auto and you can’t see the point in messing around learning in a manual transmission car.

They are the top 4 reason why people take automatic driving lessons in Exeter, and if you fit into section one or two, while we will be delighted to help you get your driving licence, please don’t think you will find excuses at our school. We have all the skills and abilities you need to not only to be able to pass your driving test but also first time.

We have got to be honest, learning to drive is like football, it’s a pretty easy thing to do but often over complicated by instructors/pundits.

Just think about it for a moment and take an automatic as an example. You have 2 pedals, one for accelerating and one for stopping and you just use one foot, the other foot does nothing. Ok so now imagine you are in a manual car and you want to change gear, you use your spare foot to press the clutch pedal in, while releasing your foot from the accelerator pedal and then with your left hand move the gear stick. Easy right.
And it is easier, but learning to drive with an automatic driving school in Exeter is easier still.

What most learner drivers love about automatic driving lessons in Exeter

1. You can’t stall it
2. On hill starts you can’t roll backwards
3. When you approach a junction or a roundabout at crawling pace it’s just so easy
4. You can keep your hands on the wheel at all times.
5. No need to look down at the pedals or the gearstick when learning a manual…and that’s all a bit scary as well.

As you can see learning in an automatic car is pretty easy and with the right automatic driving school in Exeter you could save up to around 10 hours of lessons.
So pick up the phone and give us a call.